It's A Warhammer Extravaganza!

WFRP*LARP: Sunset Claws

Saturday Evening (the 19th) will play host to Steve's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Live Action event, Sunset Claws. As the armies of the vampire Prince Vladimir lay siege to Altdorf, everyone wants to leave the city before the final blow falls. Meanwhile, death may already be among you...

This is an event for up to fifteen people. Click on this link for a list of characters, or contact Steve for more info.

Meet the Authors

Steve will be taking part in one or more seminars with other Warhammer writers, such as the esteemed BI writers Matthew Farrer (Planetkill, Blind, Crossfire) and Anthony Reynolds (Empire in Chaos, Mark of Chaos). Learn about working inside the Warhammer world and the mysterious truths about Gav Thorpe....

A New Beginning!

Yes, Warhammer has a new edition, and Steve D helped write it. He can't reveal all but he can be bribed and tempted with delicious candy!  There may even be a panel about it - still working out the details. Stay tuned, sports fans!

Three Hours to Midnight!

The 24-Hour RPG Project challenges its authors to write an entire RPG in twenty four hours. Let's see if we can't kick start that by designing one in THREE HOURS! A bunch of crazy gamers, me to keep you in line, and a big empty white board. Three hours of creativity until we end up with a game designed from top to bottom. Then, I go home and write it up, and everyone gets a credit. This Gen Con, write your first RPG, or just your latest - in three hours!

More to Come!

Still more things in development! The fun don't done, baby.