Just a couple of things I remember from the playtest session, for those folk and other afficianados. Note we only had ten players.

Our Witch Hunter was much more thinky than blustery and interviewed everyone in turn, until he ended up carrying about five items. It was Miss Gen who gave the kiss to Klara (it's really cool that in both games the two ladies became good friends. That wasn't really written in there but it works because they have a lot in common - I love it when those things happen!) and Miss Gen was horrified to discover the new vampire was her enemy. She decided to leave her revenge to others and escaped with Bucket and the Ratcatcher. Bucket exposed Dunkelhaus' ratmen alliance, so he was strung up by Stalagmeit for treason.

Count Fredo tried to kill the Witch Hunter but got axed by the dwarf, in return for getting his dagger. But then Klara killed the Witch Hunter with her new vampire powers and grabbed the ring, then ran to join the vampire armies, screaming "I Am Invincible". Unfortunately it was the wrong ring, and she died. The real ring was with Rosalina, who had got it from Pendersen in exchange for getting him out of the city alive. She gave the ring back to Vlad and Altdorf was destroyed, and the vampire victory was complete. A terrible end for humanity, all because of a confusion over a ring...
9/28/2009 10:58:28 am

You know something is terribly wrong when the /Strigany/ is the only person you think you can trust.


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