Once again, thank you all for making the game so awesome. I always say I like GMing more than playing because you get to see all the stories, not just the part you play in. Alas, in a LARP you don't even get to see all the stories! I missed some really wonderful moments because I couldn't be everywhere. Which means of course that this won't be complete and may be inaccurate so please use the comments to correct me or add stuff!

And also note this contains spoilers so don't read if you wanna play!

So. In our playtest, "Father Pendersen" (aka Felix Mann) was so scared of Kevin's dangerously scary Count Fredo he didn't reveal the location of the ring for the first hour, and then to Madame Rosalina, but at the con, Pendersen picked Fredo's pocket. Fredo realised he'd been pickpocketed and figured out Mann's disguise. They immediately allied, with Fredo promising Mann escape in exchange for the ring. However, Barthof then asked him if he had a ring with a black stone, and he said yes, and thus collected the Dunkelhaus inheritance. Now realising there were two rings, he asked the runesmith which was which, which tipped off the runesmith as to the identity of the vampires, knowledge he would eventually share with the witch hunter...

Meanwhile our cunning runesmith bribed the halfling to let him win the Piglet Tossing (genius!, and I totally didn't notice it when it happened, or expect the character to do that). Finkel was kept quite busy with the tossing so didn't have much fun conniving at the start - but did have time to cheat Barthof and rob the place blind. Miss Gen didn't have time to notice however because Miss Klara found a dagger in her drink. She put it there, of course, but was clever enough to make it look like such an obvious ploy that people didn't think it was a ploy. But it did throw Fuegelbrant and Rosalina into a frenzy. Rosalina and Klara worked each other over while Gen and Astaran compared notes. Fairly soon, Gen worked out Count Fredo was mostly on her side too and those three formed an alliance.
9/28/2009 10:53:31 am

It was Count Fredo's outrageous accent that made me wary. NEVER TRUST THE TILEAN!

10/1/2009 03:36:23 am

They are not to be trusted, with their moustaches and their funny hats!

10/25/2010 07:12:26 pm

A crane discount for you,Let trouble from you, One thousand rose to you, Let you love yourself, One thousand lucky stars to you, Let the good luck surround you, A thousand COINS happy for you, Let you find time to be in a good mood.


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