Find The Steve. Poke the Steve

This is where I'll be and when I'll be, approximately. Please come up and poke me and say hi. Please forgive me when I've forgotten I've met you before. The Steve loves all, but the Steve has no memory of anything beyond the start of this sentence. Whether I remember you or not, poke the Steve to win valuable prizes! Well, swag, anyway.

This year I'm spending almost all my time talking in seminars and listening to seminars and not a lot of gaming, because the long gaming sessions tend to overlap when I'm talking, alas. But that's okay - I can roleplay any time, but only pick the minds of World Famous Game Designers once a year.

Please note that no, I am not doing a specific WFRP 3 Seminar. However, if you come and find me at 6pm on Friday, I will tell you everything I can over dinner - no kidding. Find me other times, too! 





I'll be showing up to get my pass around 2 in the afternoon. The League of Extraordinary Gamers will be bringing their swag of board games then and so there'll be plenty of fun even though there are no official events. Find the Steve. Poke the Steve! Collect valuable prizes!

9am-11am I'll be popping into Timothy Ferguson's Workshop for new Ars Magica writers. This is in Seminar 1. And just browsing the halls.

12pm-1pm i am one of the speakers at Building Better NPCs in Seminar 3. Should be fun.

2pm-5pm Not sure yet. I may be mooching around Seminar 1 to learn more about writing from Marienne de Piers and co.

5pm-6pm Writing for Warhammer. How to do it, what's it like. With me and Matt Farrer (Planetkill, Blind) in Seminar 1. Then dinner and more WFRP talk.

7pm-10pm Three Hours to Midnight We're tired, we're cranky, and we're going to write a game from scratch. Are you crazy enough to join us? Seminar 3 if you dare. (NOTE: venue now unspecified. Come to the end of the above Seminar and I'll let you know where to go, or email me!)

10am Recording an interview for the podcast Here Be Gamers! thanks to Nathan Russel.

11am-12am The Art of Adventure Design.A topic I know much about, oh yes. Seminar 1 for that one.

1pm-3pm Hopefully playing The Bus, the funnest sounding LARP at the event. That's in Seminar 4.

3pm-4pm Playing host and MC for the legendary Keith Baker in a Q&A session about Eberron.  That's in Seminar 3. Afterwards hopefully crash-tackling Mr Baker and taking him to tea, then running back to see the denouement of the Scarlet Pimpernel game.

7pm-10pm The one, the only - SUNSET CLAWS! Seminar Room 1.

Free morning!  Now I will buy all the things I looked at on the two previous days.

12pm-1pm Professional GMing Not GMing for money, but how us writers GM. My players love me, so I shall try to teach you why. (Hint: it involves candy) Seminar 1.

3pm-4pm Getting a Job as a Game Designer I know how to do this. I will tell you. In return for CAKE! Seminar 1 again.

Afterwards I'll probably hang around Seminar 1 for Building a Good Bad Guy with Matt Farrer and Gamer to Writer with Matt and Marianne. Seminar 1 is THE place to be, dahlings.

And then more dinner.  And then sleep. SOOO much sleep.