Sunset Claws

The massive undead armies of Vlad von Carstein have surrounded the city of Altdorf. Vlad has announced that anyone who leaves the city before sunset will not be harmed. In response, the city has locked down, preventing escape. But there are ways. There are always ways. Everyone knows you can find vampires in the Tavern of the Crescent Moon, and surely there are deals that can be made. Meanwhile, a murderer stalks amongst you, blades are being unsheathed, hungry for blood, and fear is on the rise. Will Altdorf live to see another dawn? Will you?

Sunset Claws is a Warhammer Live Action costumed event for up to fifteen players to be held at Gen Con Oz at 7pm on Saturday the 19th of September, 2009. No experience or knowledge of the Warhammer world is necessary. A 13+ warning exists because there are a few adult themes (like killing people). Snacks will be provided!

Character List:

  • Genevieve Dieudonne Owner of the Crescent Moon and Lady of Mystery TAKEN!
  • Finkel Tippletwist Halfling bartender of the Crescent Moon, and jolly old fellow
  • Lord Bucket Janitor and resident madman of the Crescent Moon. TAKEN
  • Count Fredo Mastrevanni A Tilean fur merchant out of his depth and down on his luck
  • Lady (or Lord) Dunkelhaus A lady of fine breeding, out of place in this den of iniquity TAKEN
  • Herr Fuegelbrant A witch hunter of Sigmar, keen to find a murderer TAKEN!
  • Madama Rosalina A Strigany seer, helping Fuegelbrant with his inquiries
  • Sergeant Stalagmeit A soldier and guardsman ready to assist the witch hunter
  • Astaran Seamist An elven scholar from Ulthuan, and an old friend of Genevieve TAKEN
  • Klara von Gruppen A middle-class girl being tutored by Seamist at the University of Altdorf
  • Slayer Grimgul A mad dwarfen trollslayer with nothing left to live for
  • Runesmith Skelli A mad dwarfen runesmith keen on winning the Piglet Tossing competition
  • Crowbar Keller A ratcatcher hired to clean out the privies of the Crescent Moon TAKEN
  • Father Pendersen A black-cloaked, solemn-faced Priest of Morr
  • Barthof the Burly An Ulrican knight of great strength and great aroma

Characters and Costumes

Some people in the world, as the picture shows, have gone to great lengths to produce appropriate WFRP costumes. Don't worry: you don't have to go so far, and a little goes a long way. For those who don't know, the Warhammer world is akin to 17th century Renaissance Germany, although anything medieval or even Napoleonic will also fit. Much inspiration can be found here

If you have a character you'd like to play, email Steve right away to see if it is still available. He can then send you more information to help you plan your costume. Some of the genders are flexible, so please ask if you'd like to flip.